Down Under



   During Spring Break a group of six faculty members (Nsenga Burton - Communications and Media Studies, George Delahunty - Biological Sciences, Ann McKim - Psychology, Janet Shope - Sociology and Anthropology, Eric Singer - Associate Dean for International Studies, and I) traveled to Australia to visit two institutions where Goucher students are studying: Macquarie University in Sydney, New South Wales, and The University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Tough work but someone had to do it.

  The first (of many) awesome realizations hit me before we even got to Australia. While changing planes in Los Angeles where it was 11:30 PM on a Thursday, I realized that at that very moment it was Friday back in Baltimore and also Friday in Australia. Blew my mind (though no one else in the group thought twice about it). As George put it,  "Friday to the right of me, Friday to the left, here I am smack in Thursday with you."

  Other memorable moments included seeing several herds of kangaroo and a pack of dingoes on Fraser Island. Also the 4 wheel drive vehicle we were traveling in breaking down on Fraser (the same island where the dingoes were roaming)!

  Pictures of the trip are available here.