Beauty, Harmony, and Proportion

Greece - Summer 2002


Professor Steve DeCaroli (Philosophy and Religion) and I taught a course titled "Beauty, Harmony, and Proportion - Ideals in Classical Greece." We looked for (and found) examples of these ideals in Athens, on the island of Poros, on the Peloponnesian Peninsula, in Olympia, and in Delphi among other locations. Fourteen of Goucher's brightest and most fun-loving students worked and played hard for sixteen days. Here are a few pictures of the trip.


The_Motley_Crew.jpg (39165 bytes)

The Motley Crew

The_Parthenon.jpg (51599 bytes)


The_Erectheion.jpg (46505 bytes)

Caryatids at the Erectheion

Tracy_Devon_Rachel_Adam__Aliza_in_Delphi.jpg (66478 bytes)

Tracy, Devon, Rachel, Adam, and Aliza

At_the_Theater_of_Dionysius.jpg (65353 bytes)

At the Theater of Dionysius

Rachel.jpg (50984 bytes)

Rachel at the Acropolis

Chris_Erin_Diane_Laura_Emily_Mary.jpg (46365 bytes)

Christine, Erin, Dinah, Laura, Emily, and Mary

Our_Classroom.jpg (70570 bytes)

Our Classroom on Poros

Doing_Math_on_the_Beach.jpg (53902 bytes)

Math on the Beach

Verifying_the_FOIL_Method.jpg (46106 bytes)

Verifying the FOIL Method

Sunset_on_Poros.jpg (31590 bytes)

Sunset on Poros

Erin_Turns_19_on_Poros.jpg (49342 bytes)

How Many Times Do You Get to Turn 19 on Poros? Once if you're as lucky as Erin

The_Ionic_Order.jpg (56843 bytes)

Ionic Order

Nafplio.jpg (68955 bytes)


Mvc-006f.jpg (47075 bytes)

At the Museum in Olympia

The_Goucher_Olympiad.jpg (58235 bytes)

The Goucher Olympiad

Erin__Chris_Win_the_3-Legged_Race.jpg (35358 bytes)

Erin and Christine Win the 3-Legged Race

Devon_and_Tracy_at_Olympia.jpg (47188 bytes)

Devon and Tracy at the Start Line

o.JPG (52028 bytes)


No_Doing_That.jpg (37173 bytes)

No Doing That

The_Cathedral_in_Santorini.jpg (30836 bytes)

The Cathedral in Santorini

Moving_Dirt_up_at_the_Castle.jpg (43373 bytes)

Moving Dirt Up at the Castle

Chrisoulou_and_Steve.jpg (73191 bytes)

Chrisoulou and Steve in Delphi

Mvc-024f.jpg (74253 bytes)

Stoa at Delphi

Mvc-017f.jpg (42235 bytes)

The Hills of Delphi

Temple_of_Zeus_in_Delphi.jpg (69674 bytes)

Temple of Zeus in Delphi

The_Polygonal_Wall_in_Delphi.jpg (64724 bytes)

The Polygonal Wall at Delphi

View_from_the_Hotel_in_Delphi.jpg (49730 bytes)

View from the Delphi Hotel

Adam__Jen_in_the_Delphi_Games.jpg (46999 bytes)

The Delphi Games

Jen_in_Delphi.jpg (61908 bytes)

Jen in the Judge's Seat at the Delphi Stadium

The_Charioteer_Delphi.jpg (32755 bytes)

The Charioteer

The_Boy.jpg (31226 bytes)

The Boy

The_Museum_at_Delphi.jpg (37060 bytes)

Museum at Delphi

Nike.jpg (30036 bytes)


Mvc-003f.jpg (42765 bytes)

Ruins at Delphi

Women of Nemea.JPG (139061 bytes)

Women of Nemea


Opah!.JPG (97016 bytes)


Moving the Bus out of Nemea.JPG (111931 bytes)

Moving the Bus out of Nemea

Crossing to the Pelopenesus.JPG (89605 bytes)

Crossing to the Peleponesus


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