Umthathi Project

South Africa - Summer 2001

Professor Eric Singer and I traveled through South Africa to hunt for internship opportunities for Goucher College mathematics majors. As a result of this trip, each summer Goucher students will be teaching mathematics as it pertains to gardening to children at ten different schools in the Grahamstown area.


Addo Ostrich.jpg (23321 bytes)

Ostrich at Addo

Addo Resident.jpg (21372 bytes)

Elephant at Addo

Afrikaaners at Jeffrey's Bay.jpg (31021 bytes)

Afrikaaners at Jeffrey's Bay

Cape of Good Hope (2).jpg (41763 bytes)

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope.jpg (21827 bytes)

Cape of Good Hope

Capetown Residents.jpg (44716 bytes)

Residents of Capetown

Dassie on Table Mountain.jpg (31644 bytes)

Dassie on Table Mountain

Giraffe at Hluhluwe (2).jpg (29686 bytes) Giraffe at Hluhluwe.jpg (34985 bytes)


Have You Herd.jpg (38764 bytes)

Have You Herd?

Mother and Daughter.jpg (28247 bytes)

Mother and Daughter

Vervet Monkey at Addo.jpg (44863 bytes)

Vervet Monkey

Kenton-on-Sea Welcome.jpg (30192 bytes)

Welcome at Kenton-on-Sea

Makana Students.jpg (50265 bytes)

Makana Students

Kenton-on-Sea Students.jpg (29802 bytes)


Zandile, Goodman and Family.jpg (28773 bytes)

Zandile, Goodman, and Family

Umthathi Staff.jpg (25520 bytes)

Umthathi Staff

The Band at Mama Africa's.jpg (37779 bytes)

The Band at Mama Africa's

Zandile's Daughter.jpg (23174 bytes)

Zandile's Baby

Table Mountain.jpg (45017 bytes)

Table Mountain

Jeffrey's Bay.jpg (25025 bytes)

Jeffrey's Bay

Schoolroom, Grahamstown.jpg (28563 bytes)

Coldspring Classroom

Coldspring School.jpg (29829 bytes)

Coldspring School

Schoolroom, Grahamstown (2).jpg (28781 bytes)

Coldspring Classroom

Springbok at Hluhluwe.jpg (33238 bytes)


Warthog at Hluhluwe.jpg (32321 bytes)


Zebra at Hluhluwe, Kwa-Zulu Natal.jpg (28920 bytes)


Get Your Head out of the Sand.jpg (52852 bytes)

Get Your Head out of the Sand

White Rhino at Addo.jpg (18572 bytes)

White Rhino

No Swimming. I Mean It..jpg (37638 bytes)

No Swimming. No Kidding.

View from Table Mountain.jpg (16211 bytes)

View from Table Mountain

Western Cape.jpg (12928 bytes)

West Cape

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