"Brain-Absent Newborn" Case Research Aids

MedicineNet.com: a quasi-professional aggregator of health information that provides site-sources for its information, but not human sources.  For English 104, this level of expertise for medical opinions would be acceptable, but for College Writing Proficiency, you would need to access a source with a named professional author or a named professional organizational sponsor which guarantees the site's authority.

The Merriam-Webster Intellihealth Online Medical Dictionary  (Note: The Medline online medical dictionary searches the Merriam-Webster database with the M-W search engine so you won't get any different results by using it.)

N.B.: Avoid all browser contact with a site called medical-dictionary-search-engines.com because it will actively try to download "spyware" and commercial "parasite" programs to your computer's hard disk.  They are not dangerous but your privacy will be invaded when they record your browsing habits and report them to the web site's clients.

Lawyers.com: another quasi-professional aggregator, collecting lawyers' definitions of legal terms of art that may be relevant to this and other cases.  As in the case of "Medicine.Net.com" above, this source would be acceptable for working definitions for English 104, but you would need a source with a named professional author or organizational guarantee of authority for College Writing Proficiency.