Case Revision Evaluation

1)  Does the paper have an adequately focused thesis?  Can I detect its best readers, and what it wants to tell them about some issue relevant to this case?

2)  Does the paper have an organization which is clear enough to control its parts?  Do its paragraphs follow a coherent strategy to lead the best readers from where they started to the author's desired conclusion?

3)  Does the specific evidence usually support the thesis in sufficient quantity and with sufficient quality?  Is it the kind of evidence the best readers need, and is it carefully used?

4)  Is the paper written clearly enough so that no sentences or paragraphs confuse the reader?  Are word choice, word order, punctuation, paragraph construction, and MLA in-text parenthetical source citation following the conventions of academic prose?

5)  Does the document contain the following elements most Goucher professors expect to see in a properly formatted paper: author’s name, course and section number, date; a clear and accurate title; page numbers; double-spaced text with proper paragraph indents; a “Works Cited” section with properly formatted entries (for courses using MLA format)?