What Attributes Do All Scholarly Titles Share and How Do They Differ by Discipline?


Natural Sciences Scholarly Titles, and Journalism Titles on the Same Topics:


"The impairments of neoblast division in regenerating planarian Polycelis felina (Daly.) caused by in vitro treatment with cadmium sulfate." By: Kalafatić, M.; Kopjar, N.; Besendorfer, V.. Toxicology in Vitro, Feb2004, Vol. 18 Issue 1, 99-108


"Effects of intense, short-duration grazing on microtopography in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland." By: Nash, Maliha S.; Jackson, Erik; Whitford, Walter G.. Journal of Arid Environments, Feb2004, Vol. 56 Issue 3, p383, 11p


"Serum melatonin and urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin in major depression." By: Crasson, M.; Kjiri, S.; Colin, A.; Kjiri, K.; LíHermite-Baleriaux, M.; Ansseau, M.; Legros, J.J.. Psychoneuroendocrinology, Jan2004, Vol. 29 Issue 1, p1, 12p


"A longitudinal study of quality of life and side effects in patients with multiple sclerosis treated with interferon beta-1a." By: Zivadinov, Robert; Zorzon, Marino; Tommasi, Maria Antonietta; Nasuelli, Davide; Bernardi, Monica; Monti-Bragadin, Luisa; Cazzato, Giuseppe. Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Dec2003, Vol. 216 Issue 1, p113, 6p


"Depression treatment approved to treat social anxiety disorder." Biotech Week, 11/19/2003, p431, 3p


"Merck Ends Research on Once-Promising Antidepressant." By: Landers, Peter. Wall Street Journal - Eastern Edition, 11/13/2003, Vol. 242 Issue 96, pB1, 2p


"MEDICATING YOUNG MINDS." (cover story) By: Kluger, Jeffrey; Cray, Dan; Park, Alice; Klarreich, Kathie; Whitaker, Leslie. Time, 11/3/2003, Vol. 162 Issue 18, p48, 8p


"The advice zone." By: Banatvala, Nick. Student BMJ, Nov2003, Vol. 11, p419, 1p



Social Sciences Scholarly Titles and Journalism Titles on the Same Topics:


"The Role of Status in Producing Depressed Entitlement in Women's and Men's Pay Allocations." By: Hogue, Mary; Yoder, Janice D.. Psychology of Women Quarterly, Dec2003, Vol. 27 Issue 4, p330, 8


"Female and male medical students' exposure to violence: Impact on well being and perceived capacity to help battered women." Ambuel, Bruce; Butler, Dennis; Hamberger, L. Kevin; Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Vol 34(1), Win 2003. Special Issue: Violence against women in the family. pp. 113-135


"'A Strong Man Is Direct and a Direct Woman Is a Bitch': Gendered Discourses and Their Influence on Employment Roles in Sports Organizations." By: Shaw, Sally; Hoeber, Larena. Journal of Sport Management, Oct2003, Vol. 17 Issue 4, p347, 29p


"Using a Content Analysis to Examine the Gendering of Sports Newspaper Personnel and Their Coverage." By: Pedersen, Paul M.; Whisenant, Warren A.; Schneider, Ray G.. Journal of Sport Management, Oct2003, Vol. 17 Issue 4, p376, 18p


"A Killing Tradition." By: Brumberg, Joan Jacobs. Nation, 11/17/2003, Vol. 277 Issue 16, p24, 3p


"Harvard Librarian Sues over Race, Gender Bias." American Libraries, Nov2003, Vol. 34 Issue 10, p22, 1/3p


"The trouble with women." Economist, 10/25/2003, Vol. 369 Issue 8347, special section p8, 2/3p


Humanities Paper Scholarly Titles and Journalism Titles on the Same Topics:

"'A Good Many Shrewd Knocks': The Faces of Depression in the Life and Art of Virginia Woolf" By: Pogell, Sarah C.; Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 2002 May; 62 (11): 3797. Washington U, 2001


"The Hungry Thirties: Writing Food and Gender during the Depression" By: Rifkind, Candida; Essays on Canadian Writing, 2003 Winter; 78: 163-91


"Resisting Insanity: Language and Disorder in Eighteenth-Century Writing about Madness" By: Ingram, Allan; Cycnos, 2002; 19 (1): 3-14


"What Ails Chaucer's Cook? Spiritual Alchemy and the Ending of The Canterbury Tales" By: Kensak, Michael; Philological Quarterly, 2001 Summer; 80 (3): 213-31


"Syllabuses of Risk" By: Berman, Jeffrey; Chronicle of Higher Education, 2002 Feb 15; 48 (23): B7-B9


"On Giving Birth to One's Own Mother" By: Cantor, Jay; TriQuarterly, 1989 Spring-Summer; 75: 78-91


"Are We Downhearted?" By: Bernbaum, Ernest; College English, 1941 Mar; 2 (6): 551-57