Case 3 Parties and Positions

Case Author(s)  (Biases?) Experts (Biases?) "Infringers"/"Free-Information Advocates" (Biases?)
"Harry Potter" J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkein, Christina Teresa, Vicki Dolenga, as "authors"; Scholastic, etc. as Publishers (Cha). Rebecca Tushnet (Ass't. Prof, NYU); Neil Blair (Christopher Little Agency); Wendy Seltzer (Electronic Frontier Foundation); Hal Abelson (Prof. Computer Science) founder of Creative Commons (Stanford Law) (Cha). Christna Teresa, Vicki Dolenga, as "authors"; Jennie Levine and Megan Morrison, as FF site owners (Cha).
"Dissertation" Sean Gorman and John Young (architect and anti-nuclear activist), as "authors"; John McCarthy (SG Dissertation supervisor) and Laurie Schinter (Ass't. Prof and SG's research partner); Rajendra Kulkarni (SG instructor) (Blumenfeld). Michael Vatis (National Infrastructure Protection Center); Catherine Allen (BITS technology group for financial services companies) (Blumenfeld). John M. Derrick (CEO of Pepco Holdings--a power company); John Young (architect and anti-nuclear activist); Richard C. Clarke (former Counterterrorism in Bush White House); Brenton Greene, infrastructure coordinator dir. for Dep't. of Homeland Security (Blumenfeld).

Works Cited

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Arnold Sanders, 2007