Final Portfolio Revision Evaluation 

1)  Does the paper have an adequately focused thesis, a clear title, and an effective introduction?  Is its focus and transitional guidance significantly  improved over its state in the previous final draft?

2)  Does the paper have an organization which is logically developed, avoiding fallacies and making enough connections to lead the best reader to agreement?  Is this a substantive improvement over the previous final draft?          

3)  Does the specific evidence support the thesis in sufficient quantity and with sufficient quality?  Is it accurate in reference to sources, and is it used carefully?  Is it substantially better evidence than that used in the previous draft?  

4)  Is the paper written clearly enough so that no sentences or paragraphs confuse the reader?  Are words which are essential to the analysis defined carefully enough to avoid ambiguity or incoherence in the argument?  Is it significantly better written than the previous final draft?