1)  I know fan-fiction novels are terrible.  Iíve read five of them.


 2)  Sean Gormanís dissertation is dangerous to U.S. security.  His parents should be ashamed of themselves.


 3)  After the first Harry Potter book was published, fan-fiction sites grew enormously popular.  Thatís why the prices of each new Harry Potter book kept going higher.


 4)   If we let one fan-fiction site operate, soon there will be hundreds of sites, nobody will read Rowling anymore, and Rowlingís career will be destroyed.


5)  Taking the organs from an anencephalic infant donor is like publicly executing an innocent person.


 6)  The Dean of Students assures me that this logic test is fairly constructed.


 7)   You have to let fan-fiction sites operate.  Tens of thousands of people love to read them.


 8)  If we let Gorman publish this dissertation, it will encourage terrorists to attack America.


 9)  Christine Teresa has worked so hard to write her Harry Potter novel that it would crush her spirit if we prohibited its publication.


 10)  Defenders of fan-fiction are just asking us to believe that fan fiction authors are as good as J.K. Rowling.


 11)  Either Gormanís dissertation is kept secret, or we will lose the war on terrorism.


 12)  Nobody knows how to stop fan fiction authors from publishing their work online.  Fan fiction sites should be legal.


 13)  Sean Gormanís dissertation took four years to write.  Thatís why he should have the right to publish it.


 14)  Iíll admit that my paper was exceptionally bad, but doesnít exceptional work deserve an A?