Research Project Reports

        The report should be formatted like any other paper, with a title, page numbering, Works Cited section, and properly formed paragraphs in the body.  You aren't trying to persuade your readers about much.  You only are reporting the results of a focused investigation to answer a specific question. 

        Be careful to support the authority of any source (in your text or in an endnote) if your best readers are not likely to accept it as expert based on the Works Cited information, alone.  Except for peer-reviewed journals and university press books, you have to be skeptical about any source's accuracy, wisdom, and freedom from distorting bias.  Non-peer-reviewed sources are acceptable for English 104 papers, but you have to investigate their qualifications, and you have to defend potentially questionable sources if you decide to use them.  For non-peer-reviewed authors, consider their training, work experience, rank or membership in professional societies, and other publications in reputable journals or presses as evidence of their reliability.  Only properly used peer-reviewed sources will help you pass the College Writing Proficiency requirement.