Rough Draft Conference Requirements

        Do not succumb to the temptation not to write.  If you arrive with nothing in writing, it will be the equivalent of an absence or a completely missed conference.  (I can’t teach you to write until you start to show me your writing.)  Unfinished drafts are acceptable, but bring your notes, outlines, etc.  I would expect that a competent student with over a week to prepare would be able to produce at least three to five pages, typed and double-spaced, of more or less coherent prose.  Use the techniques we discussed to help you find out what is on your mind before you attempt to write fully-formed prose sentences and paragraphs.  Make lists, clusters, conceptual maps, or outlines—whatever works for you at the most basic level of idea generation.  If you are blocked, give yourself the permission to write badly as long as it gets you writing.  We can deal with the mechanics later.  The paragraphs don’t even have to be consecutive—they could be two or even three attempts to start a topic.  Or they could be a conclusion that you lack the means to defend, an introduction that hasn’t yet found its body, or a body without intro or conclusion.  Just start writing.  You can write your way to coherence and insight. But you must deliver the writing in every rough draft or you will not learn much.