Some Sites of Interest for Case 3: Intellectual Property

Blumenfeld, "Dissertation Could Be Security Threat"--

The Internet's Submarine Cable System:

Internet2 Combined Infrastructure and Topology:

Major U.S. Pipelines:

The "Patents" home page on the United States Patent and Trademark Office web site.

Cha, "Harry Potter and the Copyright Lawyer"--

"Look Mickey" (Robert Lichtenstein, 1961, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.);

"Look Mickey" original cartoon from the print comic book, Donald Duck Lost and Found, 1960 Disney Enterprises, Carl Buettner (illustration Bob Grant and Bob Totten).

William Carlos Williams, "This is just to say" (lyric poem, 1962)

Kenneth Koch, "Variations on a theme by William Carlos Williams (lyric poem, 1999)

The "Copyright Basics" page on the United States Copyright Office web site.

Both articles' issues meet in the two sites below--

4Chan: an aggregator web site that facilitates illegal sharing of content under copyright and programming tools used by hackers.  It is also the probable meeting ground of the Lulzsec and Anonymous hackers.

"Annonews" : the PR site of the Anonymous hacker group.

Scott A. Sandford (NASA Ames Research Center), "Apples and Oranges--A Comparison.  Annals of Improbable Research (1995).  Available online.  Web.