Thesis-Audience-Purpose: What Last Year's Class Did

Kelsey: Because Rhode Island's definition of the term "self-defense" bases itself so much on "reasonable belief," it needs to be altered to contain more concrete language.  The paper's best readers believe: their legislation based on "reasonable belief" provides adequate guidance for citizens deciding whether to shoot people in "self-defense."  If the paper is successful the best readers will: consider the RI self-defense law to be too vague and want to improve and change the wording of the law or the way in which self-defense is determined.

Jon: I believe that the reasonable use of force against an attacker is ok, although one shouldn’t shoot on sight.  The paper’s best readers believe that they should shoot on sight.  If the paper is successful, the best readers will reconsider their shoot first, ask questions later ideology, and maybe not kill someone who doesn’t need to be killed.

Phil: I believe that the Rhode Island law that concerns private property that allowed Donn DiBiasio to commit murder by lying in wait should be changed.  The best readers believe that it was lawful for Donn Dibiasio to lie in wait for Wayne Costa and kill him.  If the paper is successful the readers will try to get the law re-written or repealed.

Anna: I believe that a person cannot kill another person to defend himself from a potential threat, unless he or she has no alternative means of protection.  The best reader of this paper will be the legislators that passed the "shoot first" law.  If the paper is successful then the legislators will hopefully take some actions to change the law.

Olivia: I believe that the current gun laws may be outdated, therefore it is hard to justify self defense laws. The paper's best readers believe that the gun laws are constitutional and still apply today. If the paper is successful, the best readers will see the flaws in our country's gun laws, and understand how difficult it is to justify self defense or similar cases.

Joshua: I believe that news reporters should examine how they write crime article. The papers best reader is reporters. They should examine their writing in the pursuit of the truth.

Gwen: My thesis is that, based on current Rhode Island legislation, Donn DiBiasio was acting in self defense and the police wrongfully arrested him.  My paper's best readers believe that Donn DiBiasio was not acting in self defense and the police had the right to arrest him.  If my paper is successful, the readers will understand the way Rhode Island laws protected Donn DiBiasio from being arrested for homicide. It will also show them that Donn DiBiasio's actions are considered, by law, self defense.

Audie: I believe that firearms should be sold to citizens with the requirement of taking a gun safety class - it is important to take action to protect yourself, but it is also important to keep other's (and your own) safety in mind.  My papers best readers believe that there should be little or no gun control.  If the paper is successful, the best readers will agree that although it can be important to embrace the right to bear arms, it is also important to be educated and safe and avoid unnecessary violence or deaths.

Jason: I believe that every person that is on their private property should have the right to use all means necessary to defend themselves.  The paper's best readers believe: are the people who believe that when defending yourself you should only use equal force, and that killing in the name of self defense is wrong, no matter where you are.  If the paper is successful, the best readers will  Change their opinion on self-defense, which would change self-defense laws.

Jess: I believe there may have been more to the case of Donn DiBiasio than whether he is simply guilty or not.... or at least there are different ways of analyzing his accounts of what happened the night he shot and killed the intruder and legit reasons for being untruthful about some of the events of that night.  The best readers for my paper would be people who are unaware of the psychological aspect of looking at the case and who would generally see the case as the obvious guilty-not guilty.  If this paper is successful, the reader will be more educated about the Donn DiBiasio case, eye-witness psychology, and be open to the prospect that his mind could have dictated his side of the story and that he may not have lied about the number of shots he fired.

Tia: I believe that the shoot first law allows people who have been wronged to defend their property with vengefully excessive levels of force. By firing a gun at an intruder, the unreasonable amount of force involved puts nearby civilians and property at risk. There are alternative ways to protect one's property that doesn't involve the unnecessary and vengeful use of deadly force.  My best readers believe that people have the right to defend themselves and their property from criminals.  If my paper is successful, my best readers will believe that deadly force is unreasonable and unnecessary.