Ellis Andrews, "The Permance and Impact of Land Art"--Abstract

        Land art is a concept that has existed since the most ancient cultures. As the environmental impact of human society has become more prevalent, the motivations behind land art have evolved. In most instances, the purpose of land art is to emphasize the human relationship with nature. To do this artists can create works that can produce positive environmental results, works that have no impact whatsoever on their environment, or some works can and are continuing to create a negative impact on the environment they are part of.

        Should the purpose of this art be simply to show people how badly we have been treating and augmenting nature, or should artists be most concerned with having as little negative environmental impact as possible? Also, how long should these pieces last or be actively preserved? To explore this topic I will analyze the viewpoints and critiques of some artists that have produced land art in the last 50 years.