Dakota Toler

Why do rape victims blame themselves?--Abstract

        My presentation will start off with explaining what rape is.  After explaining rape I plan on explaining how a victim may be to blame for being raped.  One definition of rape is when the victim does not portray that they are unwilling to take part in intercourse. This could provide reason to blame the victim.  The “rapist” in this situation is not aware that the victim does not want to have intercourse but, by law it is still considered rape.  After I explain this I will go on to explain all of the other possibilities where the victim is not to blame for being raped because I feel as though rape is never the victim’s fault.  I will be sure to provide the point that both men and women are capable of raping one another, despite the common stereotype that men are the only ones who are capable of rape. My main source of evidence will come from one of my sources titled Self-blame and blame of Rape Victims.