Annotated Bibliography - Emerson



Huggard, William A.  “The Religious Teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson.”  Vantage Press. New York. 1972.


A collection of religious teachings by Emerson, good if you want his stances on The Inner Light, Jesus, Spirituality, etc.  Contains quotes, lectures and thoughts.


Crothers, Samuel McCord.  “Ralph Waldo Emerson, How To Know Him.” The Boss-Merrill Co.  Indianapolis. 1921.


            A good scholarly source for discussions on transcendentalism, war and peace, his beliefs and ideals.


Rusk, Ralph L.  “The Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson.”  Charles Scribner’s Sons.  New York. 1949.


A very thorough biography of Emerson, contains information on his life, career, involvement in the transcendentalist movement, slavery and war.


A list of addition biographies on Emerson.  It also includes literary criticism and his political theory.


This website contains links to all of his works in web-base format as well as a link to biographical information.  You can also post your own thoughts.


Time line of Emerson’s life.