Typical Kinds of Social Behaviors Studied by Social Scientists

illustrated advertisements for a type of consumer product Disneyland or any other "theme park" multiple episodes of a TV series or "reality" show Barbie dolls a movie and its sequels and "prequels" (e.g., Star Wars, Terminator, etc.)
expressively coded hand gestures professional wrestling striptease customized automobiles backpacks
a fast-food restaurant chain brochures or web pages from a college's illustrated admissions literature representations of "Romans" or "Indians" or any other stock character in popular film board games ceremonial beer consumption
a series of promotional advertisements for a political candidate the use of cigarettes in black-and-white Hollywood films gift giving in a specific culture clowns in a specific culture hot tubs in recent films
a mall chain store public "apologies" or "taking full responsibility" statements by entertainers or politicians midnight bowling children's organized play on a playground corporate "positioning" advertisements after a scandal