Citing Casablanca, and the DVD "Chapter" Titles of the 1999 Warner Brothers Release

        In class, we have been watching the 1999 DVD release of the movie.  This version would be cited:

Casablanca.  DVD.  Dir. Michael Curtiz.  Perf. Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Raines, Conrad Veidt, Peter Laurie, Sidney Greenstreet.  Warner Brothers, 1943.  [1999]

        That tells your reader the reference is not to Casablanca in "Regular" or Roman font, a city in Morocco, but to Casablanca in Italic font, a movie, in DVD format rather than 16 millimeter film or VHS, directed by Michael Curtiz, "published" by Warner Brothers, originally in 1943, but rereleased in DVD format in 1999.  In the body of your paper you would refer to this parenthetically using the keyword in the left margin and a time indicator instead of a page number (Casablanca 1:35:00-1:42:18).  Remember, though, that if you have been viewing the VHS version of the movie, you must cite that version.  There may be subtle differences between the print used to make the later, DVD version and that used to make the 1980s VHS version.  If you are citing the film script, in either the online or print forms, you must make sure your Works Cited contains the proper bibliographic information to allow your reader to know this:


     The following are the "chapter names" that someone at Warner Brothers invented for the DVD release of the movie and the length of each "chapter," which you may use for your reader's convenience if you use the DVD as your source of evidence:

1.  Main Title. 1:11

7.  Ferrari, Yvonne and Henri. 3:24

13.  "Play it, Sam." 2:16 19.  Detained. 3:01

25.  "Les Jeux Sont Faits." 3:33

31.  "A close one." 3:25

2.  The refugee roundup. 3:46

8.  Baby Face; about Victor. 3:20

14.  Table for four, eyes for one. 2:35

20.  At the Blue Parrot. 2:04

26.  Victor's plea. 1:11

32.  Rick arranges a deal. 3:09

3.  Major Strasser 1:32

9.  Ugarte's arrest. 2:06

15.  "Of all the gin joints." 2:46

21.  "My husband." 1:49

27.  The mighty Marseillaise. 3:34

33.  Visa versa. 3:18

4.  It Had to Be You. 2:21

10.  Sitting with Strasser. 2:32

16.  Memories of Paris. 3:22

22.  Visa for one. 2:35

28. "Were you lonely?" 3:51

34.  "We'll always have Paris." 2:18

5.  Rick and Ugarte. 3:50

11.  Victor and Ilsa. 3:39

17.  "Here's looking at you." 5:34

23.  Everybody comes to Rick's. 3:34

29. Ilsa's plea. 3:46

35.  A gentleman's explanation. 1:41

6.  Knock on Wood.  1:13

12.  Tango Delle Rose. 2:16

18.  Ilsa's story. 3:46

24.  Is Renault trustworthy? 2:31

30.   Ilsa's story continues. 2:21

36.  "A beautiful friendship." 3:09

Note that the "chapters" often do not correspond to the scenes or shots as the script constructs them.  Use these "chapter titles" only as a convenient shorthand for classroom conversation.  Construct your own scene or shot descriptions for your paper.  For instance, if you were discussing the events in "chapters" 16 and 17, you might call them all part of the "Paris Flashback."