Citing The Third Man and the DVD's "Chapter" Titles

        Again, just to make sure you know the drill, this is the way the movie should appear in your Works Cited section

The Third Man.  DVD.  Carol Reed.  Canal+ Image.  1949.  [Criterion Collection, 1999]

and this is the way you should cite a shot or shot sequence in the film if you were talking about the narrated opening montage about post-war Vienna (Third 2:20-3:30).

        Because there are two other print publications that also share the movie's title, if you refer to them in the paper for evidence to help you analyze the film, you will have to follow print publication format conventions to cite them.  To refer to the novelization, you will need this in Works Cited:

Greene, Graham.  The Third Man; and The Fallen Idol.  London: Heineman, 1958.

and when referring to the way the book introduces "Rollo Martins" in that plot you would have to refer to it as "the novel" to distinguish it from "the script," and cite it this way (Greene 12-13).

To refer to the film script, also credited to Greene, you also will have to specify "the script" and cite it with a little more in the parentheses to distinguish it from the novel, like this (Greene The Third Man / Graham 102).  You do not have to include more than the first distinguishing word of the title for your readers to be able to pick out the right one in Works Cited, which will look like this:

Greene, Graham.  The third man / Graham Greene ; directed by Carol Reed.  London: Faber and Faber, 1988.

The following are the "chapter names" that someone at Criterion invented for the DVD release:

1.  Logos / Opening credits 5.  Mr. Crabbin and Mr. Kurtz 9.  "Leave death to the professionals" 13.  A date with the porter 17.  The cat in the doorway 21.  The price of penicillin
2.  Vienna greets Holly Martins 6.  Scene of the crime 10.  "Vinkel!" 14.  A literary celebrity 18.  Men underground 22.  "Balloon, mein Herr?"
3.  "A fellow called Lime" 7.  Backstage at the Josefstadt 11.  Popescu at the Casanova club 15.  The Harry Lime file 19.  An international police action 23.  The ghost in the sewers
4.  "My name's Calloway" 8.  "There was a third man" 12.  "One of those bad days" 16.  The author as romantic 20.  The Prater Wheel 24.  Last respects

You can use these as a more convenient way to refer to a shot sequence (vs. times) as long as you announce that will be your practice in an endnote.  Usually this is done after the first parenthetical reference like this ("Prater Wheel").1.

1.  This paper will refer to shot sequences using the chapter titles that were given to them by Criterion Collection when it reissued the film in DVD format in 1999.  Specific shots will be cited in the title/time format: (Third 1:10).