Collaborative Research Groups, Spring 2015

        Remember you must use only scholarly sources, whether they are books, articles, or "born digital" peer-reviewed scholarship.  Thursday's presentations should be concise and well organized.  Due to the class length, each group should limit its total presentation time to ten or twelve minutes.  Reduce the need to tell us about sources used by printing and distributing to the class a properly formatted "Works Cited" page listing the sources you used.  That document also could contain a brief list of answers to the main research questions I have asked each group to consider.


____Megan Hopkins_______________________

____Elton Kativhu________________________

Mollie Frankel________________________


____Sam Meir-Levi________________________ 

____Markia Moton________ _______________


_____Maegan James_______________________

_____Marcella Apollonia___________________


____Arnie collaborates with Arnie______________


_____Arnie collaborates with Arnie____________