The Return of "The Hand"

1)  Pair up or make a group of three.

2)  Briefly discuss your final portfolio review paper topic and decide which department or departments your paper mostly belongs in.

3)  Try on each of the other departments, no matter how unlikely, and see how they might view or contribute to or use the results of your research.


Divisions of Scholarly Inquiry / Departments of Scholarly Inquiry

Humanities Division: Communication, English, Historic Preservation, History and Historical Studies, Modern Languages and, Literatures, Philosophy, Religion, World Literature

Social Sciences Division: Economics, Education, Management, Political Science and International Relations, Prelaw Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, Special Education, Women’s Studies

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics. Physics, Premedical Studies, Psychology

Arts Division: Art and Art History, Dance, Music, Theatre,

Interdisciplinary Studies Division: American Studies, Cognitive Studies, International and Intercultural Studies, Peace Studies, Judaic Studies, Interinstitutional Program,






Deb Roy's TED research talk about studying language acquisition and public discourse: this is not the methodology you have been trained in, but it's one that may be used by future researchers.  For now, just be glad that you have a chance to do the research that might guide more focused applications of such work (imagine the cost!).  And what if we used this technology to study other languages, such as those scientists have hypothesized for killer whales and pilot whales?  (Try the samples soon after you have heard Roy's child's attempt to approximate "WHA-ter."  They're way more proficient than we are at something, even if linguists and cognitive scientists refuse to call it "language.")