Independent Research Project and Film Paper Conferences, VM 141

        Before your conference, try to have talked to at least one faculty member in the discipline you want to work in, and ask them for advice about subjects or researchers whose work would be accessible to you at this point in your career, and the journals that would cover recent work on those subjects.  Look up the journals in the print and electronic periodical listings of the library, and test your ability to read articles they publish.  Bring all your research materials (printed) to the conference, and/or email me pasted-in results of database searches, preferably with durable URLs intact. 

          The conference will help us test topics and disciplines, and I can help you focus on a topic that will be practical to investigate in two weeks.  Remember that your paper will describe the work that recent publications have presented, and your thesis will be a hypothesis about the trends or new research opportunities you see ahead.  If we have time, we can solve late problems in your film paper.

Friday, 4/17 (We also can arrange different time early next week if necessary.)

9:00-9:30  ______________________________________________________

9:30-10:0 _____Marcella Apollonia________________________________

10:00-10:30 ____Elton Kativhu____________________________________

10:30-11:00 ____Markia Moton_____________________________________

11:00-11:30  ________________________________________________________

11:30-12:00      ___Sam Meir-Levi______________________________________

12:00-12:30      ____Maegan James_____________________________________

NOTE: "GIG" begins at 12:30 and all classes are cancelled.  A conference is not a class.  If you want to talk about your project during these later times, I will be happy to speak to you.

12:30-1:00      _____Megan Hopkins___________________________________

1:00-1:30       ______________________________________________________

1:30-2:00      ______________________________________________________