Week 9 Discussion Guide: Tuesday

        We will talk about The Third Man as an answer to Casablanca's wartime certainties.  What do the two movies have in common, especially in their plots, characters, themes, and use of sound (incl. music and multiple languages).  You will find some similar uses of montage, but the camera work of 3M differs enormously from that of Casablanca.  Can you begin to figure out why they are shot so differently?  

        Remember, we're looking for patterns that help make something about one or both of those films significant, and that includes unexpected deviations from a pattern.  Additional sources in the library collection (some already on course reserve at the Circ. Desk!): Graham Greene's novel (826.6 G79Jth) with the original characters and plot; Greene and Reed's shooting script (w/ many but not all changes from actual film noted); Wapshot (Reed bio.); and Lean, Reed, & Reisz (film script w/changes and critical essays).  You also can begin to sift through the secondary article-length resources.  Click here for the cast members and the names of the parts they played.

Read Ahead!

        For the next class, as described in this hyperlink, form groups of two or three and do collaborative research based on readings in the Course Reserve (Group 1: Graham Greene's film script and the "novelization" of the film);  Group 2: excerpts from Walker's essay defining film noir's typical characterization, plot, shooting and stylistic attributes (from Cameron, ed., The Book of Film Noir) pages 8-16