Week 9 Posting Guide: Friday

        This evidence could be in the plot (episodes, scenes, action), characterization, camera work, dialogue, music, cutting/montage, acting, costuming and set design, or any other source of data based in the primary source, the film, itself.  This pattern of evidence does not necessarily have to connect with the pattern you discovered in Casablanca, but if it does, try to make sense of the similarity or difference you observe.  I will try to respond to the postings as quickly as I can, but you should see something in your inbox by next Tuesday.  I will post a single message containing excerpts from your posts and my replies to acknowledge particularly insightful work or to warn against potentially dangerous misunderstandings.  Please be sure to title your posting as you would a paper--something to distinguish its contents from all the others and not "The Third Man" or "Film Posting"!  As before, I encourage you to read the entire class's postings.  Consider this a collaborative effort in which you have 15 fellow researchers (including me!).