Why Should I Be Worried about Online "Customer Reviews"?

        Because anonymous or pseudonymous online product reviews (e.g., at Amazon.com) are now commonly used by consumers to estimate product quality, you should be aware that those reviews are being actively manipulated.  Negative reviews are "eliminated" and positive reviews are planted by hired PR operatives or by the customers, themselves.  See this Web page for a major public relations firm that specializes in constructing "positive media presence" on the Web: http://www.reputationmanagementconsultants.com/review-management/  Pay close attention to the language of the next-to-last paragraph.  "Brandyourself" is a service specifically designed to manipulate Google search results: https://brandyourself.com/lander/adwords_concierge_generic  InternetReputation's home page posts a customer testimonial that brags: "Your service removed ALL negative remarks"-- http://www.internetreputation.com/  In most instances, unless you have an extremely well-supported reason for using anonymous reviewers, just don't use them.  If you are not able to locate unbiased, expert reviews on your own, that's the time to ask me for help.