Aethelred Unraed (King of England, 978-1013 and 1014-16)

        Aethelred's name means "noble counsel."  The cognomen "Unraed" was given to him later as an ironic commentary upon his reign.  It means "bad counsel," or more idiomatically, "ill advised."  He came to the throne at 10 years old after his elder brother, Edward, was murdered.  Edward, known as "Edward the Martyr," was declared a saint.  Aethelred presided over an unstable monarchy under attack by raiding Vikings who forced him to pay tribute, called "Danegeld" (Danish gold), and eventually forced a temporary Danish kingship upon the land.  The first Danish king, Cnut, was said by legend to have ordered the sea's tide to stand still, but this was no truer than the myth that Aethelred was "Unready" for kingship.  A young king can be a good king if he has wise and loyal advisors.  Apparently, Aethelred did not.