A Balade Stanza Rhymingababbcc                                   The Rhyme Scheme

Flee fro the press and dwelle with soothfasnesse;                                                         a

Suffice unto thy thing, though it be smal;                                                                        b

For hoord hath hate, and climbing tikelnesse;                                                    a

Press hath envye, and wele blent overal.                                                                       b

Savoure no more than thee bihoove shal;                                                                      b

Rule wel thyself that other folk canst rede:                                                                     c

And Trouthe shal delivere, it is no drede.                                                                      c


[Flee from the court in-crowd and live in truthfulness;

Accept what status and wealth you have, though it be little;

For hording breeds hatred, and social climbing leads to unsteadiness;

The in-crowd is full of envy, and prosperity blinds all who prosper.

Acquire and consume and draw pleasure from no more than you deserve to have;

Control yourself well if you’re governing or advising others;

[Do all that!] And truth/loyalty/God’s love will surely deliver you.