President Doctoral Gown Price range from $470-520**. A prestigious robe for the college president or head administrator.
Choose a matching velvet tam with metallic tassel and a hood with corded piping outlining the velvet to complete this
distinguished regalia. 

Choice of 5 polyester fabrics in an assortment of colors.  Velvet can be chosen from any appropriate academic color.   Lined bell sleeves in the doctoral gown tradition   FOUR velvet chevrons on each sleeve, outlined with corded piping   Open full-length velvet panels, trimmed with corded piping  Velvet hem band, distinguished by corded piping   Right pocket slit 
Full 24" zipper closure   Distinctive braiding on the center back yoke Riveted hook and eye at top Average 6"-8" (ankle-length) floor clearance   Corded piping is included in the price and an integral part of the design. Choose from the bright gold color shown, or any appropriate color.  Your name printed on the neck label 
Dry Clean