English 211 

Quiz #2: Everyman (Anon.)

1) Who is the figure who summons Everyman, and to whose "court" does he summon him?

2) and 3) Identify the characters who speak two out of these three passages.

"I lie here in corners, trussed and piled so high,

And in chests I am locked so fast--

Also sacked in bags--thou mayst see with thine eye

I cannot stir, in packs low where I lie."

"And yet, if thou wilt eat and drink and make good cheer,

Or haunt to women the lusty company,

I would not forsake you while the day is clear,

Trust me verily!"

"All earthly things is but vanity.

Beauty, Strength, and Discretion do man forsake,

Foolish friends and kinsmen that fair spake--

All fleeth save _________________, and that am I."

[note--space indicates name of character, not length of name or number of words in name]

Extra Credit: This is a Christian play, but is it Catholic or Protestant and why? (one short sentence)

Answers and rationales for the questions above.

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