English 211 

Quiz #5: Shakespeare, Henry IV Part 1, Acts I & II

1) In your own words, describe Harry Percy's character or temperment.

2) In Act II, a gang of robbers is robbed. Who leads the gang of robbers, and who leads the gang who robs them?

3) Near the end of Act II, Harry Plantagenet (Prince Hal) and Falstaff play a game in which both take turns imitating the behavior of another character in this play. Who is it?

Extra Credit: Which character "kills me some six or seven dozens of Scots at breakfast, washes his hands, and says to his wife 'Fie upon this quiet life! I want work.'"?

For answers to these questions and rationales for why they are worth asking (as well as a cool search engine for locating half-remembered Shakespeare quotes), click

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