Kings, Queens, and Other Rulers of England, 1066-1820

House of Normandy

House of Blois

House of Plantagenet

House of Lancaster  (the "White Rose" in 1 Henry VI, Act 2, Scene 4)

House of York (the "Red Rose" in 1 Henry VI, Act II, Scene iv)

House of Tudor

House of Stuart

Parliamentary Rule and Dictatorship

House of Stuart "Restoration" (1660)

"Glorious" or "Bloodless Revolution" (1688)

House of Hanover

[Note: later House of Hanover rulers include George IV, William IV, and Queen Victoria, who rules until 1901 and the start of the Modernist Era.]

The following links attempt to answer Frequently Asked Questions about the relationship between the monarchy and English literature:

    Why do we care who ruled?                        What about before 1066?                    How does this link to English 215?

    What are "royal houses"?                            What happens to the monarchy in English culture in English 212?