The Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Cardinal Virtues

        In Medieval Christian theology, the "deadly" sins were soul-killing because they were powerful enough to distract the soul from God.  They are different from the lesser, venial (forgivable) sins, like forgetting one's prayers or unintentionally injuring someone, because deadly sins cause grave consequences and are committed with full knowledge and consent of the doer.  Knowledge and consent are crucial, because Christianity, like many other religions with a concept of "sin" or "taboo thought," conceives of sin as something committed by human will, even if the body does not act upon it.

The Sins:            Envy            Anger            Sloth            Greed            Gluttony            Lust                        Pride

The Virtues        Love        Kindness           Zeal                Charity        Temperance        Self-Control         Humility