When published in Poems (1890), four years after Dickinson's death, this poem differed in a number of ways from the version scholars discovered in the manuscripts Dickinson left behind.  The first major difference is the roman numeral indicating its order in the book.  When the small packets of Dickinson's poems were given numbers, the poems within them were given numbers relative to their packet.  This one is known to scholars as "199," or "H 83d" in packet 15, and it is believed to have been written about 1860.  In the published form, it was titled "Apocalypse," but the title does not appear in the manuscript.

The Poems of Emily Dickinson.  Ed. Thomas H. Johnson.  Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1955.  142-3.

In line 1, the second word is "wife" with quotation marks and no capital "W."