Can you show how these binaries or their privileged/privative status deconstruct?

Deconstructive strategies: 1) [The "Aha!"] Look for what is missing or ambiguous or ironic or paradoxical about your data: detect the excluded middle terms, the overlapping of the terms, or the possibilities for reversal of privileged/unprivileged status in the terms; 2) [The "So What?"] Explain the patterns in your data: explain the exclusion, overlap, or reversal of privilege as the result of the insufficiency of the cultural values expressed in the rule governing the code, not infrequently related to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or other "natural" determiners of status.

Privative   /    Privileged

Appearance and reality

Earth and Heaven

town and court

country and city

body and soul

feeling and reason

low and high

black and white