Hemingway's "My Old Man"

Horse and Jockey as the Basic Sign--Riding Money/Being Ridden by Money

Degas, "Racehorses at Longchamps"

Manet, "Races at Longchamps"

The Basic Sign: Horse and Jockey

Visual Signs: Kzar the horse "that was nothing but run," "Kircubbin at 8 to 1"; the sight of the horses running and the jockeys riding (snare/enigma). 

Verbal Signs: the "son of a bitch," "my old man."

Hidden Ideology: the jockey rides the horse, and the money rides them both.

Additional Extra-Textual Cultural Information:  the introduction of commercial advertising on jockeys' uniforms in the 2004 Kentucky Derby as a re-commodification of the jockey's "racing silks," part of the basic sign, to enable jockeys to make money from the sign-exchange value of performance in the Derby as a marketplace of signs.