1725 English "Grenadier" Schoolyard Counting Chant


Now he acts the Grenadier,

Calling for a Pot of Beer:

Where's his Money?  He's forgot:

Get him gone, a Drunken sot.


1907 Scottish "John Blair" variant of the "Grenadier"


Eenty, teenty, tuppeny bun,

Pitching tatties doon the lum;

Who's there?  John Blair.

What does he want?  A bottle of beer.

Where's your money?  I forgot.

Go downstairs, you drunken sot.


1950 English "Mickey Mouse" variant of the “Grenadier”


Mickey Mouse

In a public house

Drinking pints of beer.

Where's your money?

In my pocket.

Where's your pocket?

I forgot it.

Please walk out.