Books of Freudians' "Bible" (1895-1923)

1895  Studies in Hysteria (with Josef Breuer),  (introduces the concept of unconscious causation based on the work of William James and others)

1900  The Interpretation of Dreams,  (introduces the "repression" of the unconscious drives and displacement/condensation as the "dreamwork" processes for evading the censor, calling the analysis of dreams "the royal road to the unconscious")

1901  The Psychopathology of Everyday Life,  (develops the "neurosis" diagnosis of unconscious repetitions of coping mechanisms as distinct from "psychoses" which debilitate)

1905  Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality,  (introduces "infant sexuality," the "family romance," and the influence of childhood fixation on the opposite-sex parent on adult sexuality)

1909 Lecture tour of the United States

1916  Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis,  (popularizes the idea that everyone would benefit from undergoing psychoanalysis to better understand the drives and neuroses which govern their minds)

1923 The Ego and the Id, (fully develops the tripartite model of the mind as ego, id, and super-ego)