Books of Marxists' "Bible" ([1844-1867] 1963-1992

1844 (with Frederick Engels) The German Ideology

1848 (with Frederick Engels) The Communist Manifesto

[1849 Banished from Germany--takes up residence in London, with Engels' financial support]

1867 (published posthumously, 1887) Capital: A Critique of Political Economy

[1917-ca. 1956-76 Trial and Failure of Political Marxism--serious Anglo-American academic presses and journals of literary criticism from this era do not usually print polemical Marxist essays and books, which are seen as transparent political tracts rather than "doing literary criticism."]

Rebirth of Literary Marxist Interpretation:

1963  Georgy Lukacs, The Meaning of Contemporary Realism

1964  Georgy Lukacs, Studies in European Realism

1971  Frederic Jameson, Marxism and Form: Twentieth-Century Dialectical Theories of Literature; Georgy Lukacs, History and Class Consciousness and The Theory of the Novel: A Historico-Philosophical Essay on the Forms of Great Epic Literature

1972  Frederic Jameson, The Prison-House of Language: A Critical Account of Structuralism and Russian Formalism (FJ attacks the formalists for reducing literature to literary tricks without culture-changing power, and attacks Structuralists for reducing literature to an unconscious mechanism for transmitting tribal myths without regard for their oppresive nature.)

1973 Georgy Lukacs, Marxism and Human Liberation: Essays on History, Culture and Revolution.

1981  Frederic Jameson, The Political Unconscious: Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act

1987  Terry Eagleton, The Function of Criticism: From The Spectator to Post-Structuralism

1990  Frederic Jameson, Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature; Terry Eagleton, The Ideology of Aesthetics; Terry Eagleton, Criticism and Ideology: A Study in Marxist Literary Theory; Terry Eagleton, Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature

1992  Frederic Jameson, Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

1996  Terry Eagleton, The Illusions of Postmodernism

1998  Frederic Jameson, The Cultures of Globalization

2003  Terry Eagleton, After Theory (TE was only one of the most recent critics to write a book of literary theory declaring that theory was dead.)