Deconstructing "This being comfort" vs. "that other kind was pain" New Critical "tension" or Structuralist "binary opposition"

        The poem is filled with gaps, to use Derrida's term, "aporetic" (Selden 93).  An "aporia" is a hole or gap in a text or system where we can discover something is missing, something which Deconstruction dutifully supplies.  The first stanza lacks definite articles, the speaker's strategy for claiming a series of statuses outside time and the processes of Being and Becoming.  "Wife," "woman," and "Czar" are treated as titles, not as ordinary nouns, as if speaking them could confer the status they represent ("logocentrism," Tyson ).  What process makes "girl" into "wife" and "woman"?  "Marriage" is the unspeakable middle stage in the "Girl<-->Wife" binary.