The Fenneman-Birch Cookbook (1827-61) Contents

Page Recipe Title Donor's Name (if known) Curator's Note  
[iv] To dress Laver   This recipe is pasted onto the top half of the page. EH  
[iv] M. Soyer's Economical and Nutritious Soups   Newspaper section that is pinned onto the page. EH  
[iir] To Make Italian Fritters                                        This is pasted onto the page. EH  
[iiir] Magnesia  Bol Ammoniae  Oris Boat } equal parts add a few drops of mush to it   Cartwright Dentist   EH                                                                                                
[iiir] Linney Tailor 28 Regent St    EH  
[iiiv] Receipt for Malabar Curry   This recipe has been pasted into the book upside down. EH  
1 To make Dutch Beef   Includes "saltpetre" EH  
1 Ginger biscuits   EH  
1 Plumb Dumplings   EH  
2 Grated Partridge   EH  
2 Imperial   EH  
2 Breakfast Cake    EH  
2 Souffle' Pudding   EH  
3 Fish pudding   EH  
3 Lobster Sauce   EH  
4 Souffle' Potatoes   EH  
4 Apple & Rice   EH  
5 Lemon Sponge   EH  
5 To preserve eggs good for years   EH  
5 Apricot Jelly   EH  
6 A Fondue   EH  
6 To Stew Carrots   EH  
6 Chicken Panada   EH  
7 Chicken Panada   This seems to be a different recipe from the one on page 6, and it has its own title. EH  
7 Tapioca pudding   EH  
7 Italian pudding   EH  
8 Compote of Apples   EH  
8 To preserve Strawberries   EH  
9 Good Beef Tea   EH  
9 Apple Jelly   EH  
9 Trotters Jelly   EH  
10 To cure Hams,  Mrs. Read This recipe has been crossed out, though it is still completely legible. EH  
10 To bake Herrings  Mrs. Read EH  
11 To preserve Melons.  Mrs. Read EH  
12 Rognons  Mrs. Marsh Pringle EH  
12 Custard Pudding  Mrs. M. P.    
12 To stew Celery with Cheese in Scallop Shells   EH  
12 To pot Lobsters   EH  
13 Light Rolls   EH  
13 Little plumb cakes   EH  
13 Cheese cakes   EH  
13 Collar Herrings & Mackrel   This recipe continues on to the first third of page 14. EH  
14 Ham Toast   EH  
14 Cherry Jam   EH  
14 Black currant lonzenges   This carries over to the top of page 15. EH  
15 To dry green grapes   EH  
15 Quince Jelly   EH  
15 Noy ale (?)    I am not at all sure if this is the correct name for the recipe. It could be Royals? Noy als?  EH  
16 Mushroom powder   EH  
16 Varnish for Wood   I can't tell if the word there truly is "wood". EH  
16 Anchovies from Sprats   EH  
17 Eau de Cologne Miss C. Courtland  The penmanship, or possibly just the ink, changes on this page. The donor may be Miss E. Courtland. EH  
17 Embrocation for preventing or relieving Sea sickness Miss C. V. C EH  
17 Permanent Marking Ink   This is mostly legible, but many of the ingredients and directions have been crossed out. EH   
18 Black Dose Mrs. Kennaway EH  
18 Lemon juice Troy W EH  
18 A very gentle Emetic Dr. Denmark EH  
18 For a tooth ache Miss Townsend EH  
18 Dr. Penningtons pills for bile Dr. Pennington EH  
18 For Bile Mrs. K The "K" here is probably for Mrs. Kennaway, who is credited for a different cure on the same page. EH  
19 Chalybeate pill Agnes B. The "B" here may actually be a "K". EH  
19 Lady Louis's Curry powder Lady Louis The construction of this recipe is different from that of the others, with the ingredients and amounts on opposite sides of the page. Also, there is blue ink next to this recipe. EH  
19 Dr. Vance's Toothpowder Dr. Vance EH  
20 Custards Miss Pearce EH  
20 Soup for poor people  Mrs. Pringle There is a small + pencilled under the name of this recipe. EH  
20 To make Do Peiaiyah curry after the manner of Delhi Sir J. Kenneway There is a small + pencilled under the name of this recipe, just like in the one preceding it. This recipe also continues onto the top of page 21. EH  
21 Baby's Socks Mrs. Pringle EH  
21 Excellent Strengthening jelly Mrs. K. EH  
22 To pickle Hams Mrs. Kennaway EH  
22 Childrens Socks & Boots   This looks to be a knitting pattern, with notes on rows and stitches. There is a note in pencil on the bottom. The preceding recipe has a few words written over this piece.  
23 To keep Rasberries thru the winter Mrs Kennaway EH  
23 Alder-Chemist Chiltenham prescription for toothpowder   EH  
23 Stewed Red Cabbage Mrs. Esquilant EH  
23 Beet Root Mrs. Esquilant EH  
24 For a childs cough Mrs. J. Jenkins This remedy has been crossed out, but still legible. EH  
24 Carminative Mixture for a Baby Mrs. Nuntic The name of the donor is difficult to determine. EH  
24 Corn Plaster   Adjacent to the list of materials is written, "If this should fail to cure your toe, Then limping you for life must go" EH  
25 To boil Cocoa Lady Louis This recipe notes the price of cocoa- "14 per lb at 104 Fore Street". EH  
25 Furniture Polish- beautiful- Mrs Phillipps The name of Mrs. Phillipps is written in blue ink next to the brown ink of the directions. EH  
25 Mrs Spacheys aperient mixture Mrs. Spachey EH  
25 Lemon Cheesecakes Mrs. Belfield  EH  
26 Cocoa nut desert drop cakes   EH  
26 Nervous Mixture Mrs. Belfield  EH  
26 Drench for Cow Mrs. Tucker The handwriting here changes, and the recipe continues on to page 27. EH  
27 Orange Biscuits Mrs Hope Right next to the title of this recipe is written "Lady Louis" in a different ink.  
28 To make yeast   Next to the list of ingredients is written, in pencil, "Encyclopedia Britannica". EH  
28 Mrs. Welch's receipt for Giblet Soup Mrs. Welch EH  
28 Tamarind Fish G Kirkpatrick Esq This recipe takes up most of the following page as well. EH  
29 Strengthening Mixture Mrs. Ramsbolton EH  
30 Ginger Beer  Mrs. Cole EH  
30 Nervous Mixture Mrs. Nuntic correction of Mrs. Belfrets EH  
30 For Whooping Cough Mrs. Cholmeley EH  
30 Whooping Cough Mrs. Welch EH  
30 Whooping Cough Mrs. Hume EH  
31 To preserve Red Currants & Rasberries for Tarts   EH  
31 Curry Powder Major Chadwick EH  
31 To make a relishing Toast Mrs. Wm. Clay EH  
32 Soda Cake Mrs. Cholmeley EH  
32 Calves foot jelly without wine Mrs. Cholmeley EH  
32 Dutch fricadelle Mrs. Cholmeley EH  
32 Dutch Fish Sauce Mrs. Cholmeley EH  
33 Red Currant Syrup Mrs Welch EH  
33 Sprain Plaster Mrs. Winsloe EH  
33 Pastiles   EH  
34 To clean Turkey or Brussels Carpet   EH  
34 Italian polish   EH  
34 Dry rot   EH  
34 To clean gold lace   This is separated from "Dry rot" by a line, but does not have a title written over it. EH  
34 Cement   EH  
35 Another Cement   EH  
35 Purified Alkali milk speeding boil or make tender the hardest vegetables   EH  
35 Tainted meat may be    This piece has no title, and is instead a series of directions. EH  
35 Veritable Martinique Noyan   The name of this recipe is difficult to read, and it could very likely be named something else. EH   
35 To make Ice   EH  
36 Another mode   This is a different version of the previous entry. EH  
36 Eau de Ising Miss Cutter The name of this entry is very difficult to read, and could be something else. EH  
36 Baiford Pudding Miss Cutter EH  
36 Cement for shell & seed work Mrs. Long EH  
37 Curry Powder Mrs. Welch EH  
37 Whip Lyllabub Miss Amyatt  EH  
37 Curry Powder Mrs. W. Kennaway EH  
38 Love Apple Chutnee Mrs. W. K.  Notes have been made on this entry in blue ink. EH  
38 Macaroons Mrs. W. K.  EH  
38 Macaroons Ratificar Mrs. W. K.  EH  
38 Marking ink Mrs. W. K.  EH  
39 Ginger bread nuts Mrs. W. Kennaway EH  
39 Essence of Chillies Mrs. W. K.  EH  
39 Salting butter Mrs. W. K. from Dr. Thompson who obtained a [something] for it EH  
40 Knitted Boats   This entry includes a diagram, and the page number is written in blue ink. EH  
40 Mr. Hunters Pills Mr. Hunter EH  
41 To make Lavender Water   EH  
41 To make Chocolate Fortnam & Mason EH  
41 Recepit for Making Curry W. English This recipe takes up the entirety of the next page. EH  
43 Vegetable Anatomy Anatomized Leaves   This takes up all of page 44 as well. EH  
45 Recipe for curing Hams Mrs Winsloe EH  
46 To prevent horses feet clogging up with snow   EH  
46 Recipe for Chilblains Mrs. Buller EH  
47 Receipt for Lemon Brandy   EH  
47 Suet milk Mr. James for Fanny Pardont EH  
48 Snail Milk As given by Dr. Birdwood Includes a note about a "poor young lad" who was cured by snail milk. EH  
49 Captain Pardn's Recepit for Whooping Cough Captain Pardn EH  
50 Red Chutnee Major Gillum EH  
51 For Whooping Cough Mrs. Mallock EH  
52 Receipt for hashed Mutton   The date Feb 1, 1842 (though it could be 1862) is written at the end of this recipe. EH  
53 To make Cup [?] Genl. Dallas EH  
53 Gingerbread Mrs. Wm. Kane EH  
53 Soda Cake Mrs. [?] The name of the donor of the recipe is difficult to read. EH  
54 To make Mint-Julep Captn. Marryalt EH  
54 Apple Snow   EH  
55 Whole Pease   EH  
55 A Junket [?]      
56 Lemon Preserve for Cheesecakes   EH  
56 Veal Pie with Parsley   EH  
57 Tea Pie   EH  
58 Nervous Mixture  Mr. Hunter EH  
58 Receipt for broth Mrs. Pasley EH  
58 Chicken broth   EH  
59 A Pillan Mrs Pasley EH  
59 Gingerbread nuts Mrs. West EH  
60 Infalliable cure for chillblains if not broken   EH  
60 Receipt for Plum Pudding Mrs. Malcolm Jones EH  
61 Directions for washing a knit woolen shawl   EH  
61 Maltese felting in spots   EH  
62 An Indian Stew Mrs. Pasley EH  
62 To Stew or dress Ceylon Moss like Calf's foot Jelly Mrs. Hooper EH  
63 Cure for Jaundice Tried by Mrs. Clock & found to succeed This cure has been crossed out. EH  
63 Orange Marmalade Mrs. M. Gregory Welch This recipe takes up all of the next page. EH  
65 Lobster Cutlets   This recipe continues on to the next page. EH  
66 Castle Pudding Mrs. Belfield  EH  
67 To preserve Seville Oranges Mrs. M. Gregory Welch EH  
68 Mint Chutney Major Gillum A small pencilled X is written next to this recipe.   
68 Mixture for cleaning & removing stains from Marble Miss Daniel EH  
69 Parmesan Cauliflower Miss Daniel EH  
69 Cane's plum pudding Miss Daniel EH  
69 Lobster Salad Miss Daniel A X is written next to this recipe. EH   
70 To stew Peas Miss Daniel EH  
70 Tooth Ache   EH  
70 Eye ointment Mrs. Belfield  EH  
70 Eye water Mrs. Belfield  EH  
71 Nervous Mixture Hunter EH  
71 Nervous Mr. Hunter EH  
71 Tonic Mr. Hunter EH  
71 Decoction of Elm bark for [something] the blood Mrs. Belfield  EH  
[72] Mushrooms   There is a small "x" in the top corner of the page where the page number should be. There are no more page numbers in the book after 71. EH  
[72] Tapioca pudding   EH  
[73] Pomade Divine   EH  
[73] To take fruit stains out of linen   There is a small X pencilled next to this entry. EH  
[73] To take out Mildew   There is an X pencilled next to this entry.  
[73] Another way to take out Stains & Mildews   EH  
[74] To take ink stains out of Mahogany   EH  
[74] To take ink stains out of marble   EH  
[74] To dress White Bait   This recipe continues on to the next page. EH  
[75] To make Barley water Mrs. Buller EH  
[75] To make Crisp paste or short paste Wilber the pastry cook at Simth A large * in pencil is written next to this recipe. EH  
[76] Green Pea Soup Mr. Daniel EH  
[76] Strathallan Soup Mr. Daniel EH  
[76] Clear gravy soup Mr. Daniel This recipe continues on to the next page. EH  
[77] Wedding cream Mr. Daniel A small pencilled X is written next to this recipe.   
[77] French way to dress eggs Mr. Daniel There is a small + pencilled under the name of this recipe. EH  
[77] Lemon cheese cakes to keep Mr. Daniel This continues on to the next page. EH  
[78] Horse radish sauce, excellent to eat with hot roast beef Mr. Daniel EH  
[78] Orange Cream Mr. Daniel There is a small + pencilled next to this recipe. EH  
[78] Stewed Apples for a mould Mr. Daniel This recipe continues on to the next page. EH  
[78/9] To preserve Pineapple in Syrup   This is written on a separate, white piece of paper and tucked between pages 78 and 79. EH  
[79]  Apple & Onion pickle Mr. Amyalt EH  
[79] Warm Salad Mr. Amyalt EH  
[79] Turtle punch Mr. Amyalt EH  
[80] Pease pudding Clarendon hotel EH  
[80] Hunters Beef Mrs. Amyalt EH  
[80/1] Italian Salad Chevalier de Colquhoun This piece is written on a card with "CE" on it, it is pinned to page 80. EH  
[81] A *enth Liniment   The name of this entry is very difficult to read, and I am not sure what the first letter of the second word is. LC  
[81] Apple and Lemon Root Pudding   There is an X writtenin pencil by this entry. LC  
[81] Rice Cheese Cake   There is an X writtenin pencil by this entry. LC  
[81] Sheep's Head Pie   There is an X writtenin pencil by this entry. LC  
[81] White Vegetable Soup   LC  
[82] *epy Soup A.A. August The first letter of this entry is difficult to decipher. LC  
[82] Brandy Pudding Mrs. Gifford LC  
[82] Cucumber Vinegar Mrs. Gifford LC  
[83] Thickening for Soups Mrs. Gifford LC  
[83] The only browning desirable for every day soup Mrs. G This is in the same handwriting as the Mrs. Gifford recipes, so Mrs. G is probably Mrs. Gifford. LC  
[83] Apple Cakes Mrs. G LC  
[84] Mutton or Beef Puffs Mrs. G LC  
[84] Mutton Cutlets Mrs. G LC  
[84] To take ink stains out of paper Mrs. G LC  
[85] To preserve mushrooms for winter use Mrs. G LC  
[85] For curing tongues[?] Mrs. G The second word of this entry is very difficult to read. LC  
[85] For curing Hams Mrs. G LC  
[86] A excellent receipt for Curry   EH  
[87] For Infection Superior to Chloret of Lime Dr. Caonuchad Sisirth This remedy is in different handwriting. The name of the doctor is very difficult to read. EH  
[88] A Strong Cement   The handwriting changes again, here. EH  
[88] To clean black velvet   EH  
[88] Beef Tea Lady Fortescue EH  
[89] Friars Chicken Lady Fortescue EH  
[89] Spruce Beer   EH  
[90] Vermicelli Pudding   EH  
[90] Almond Cheesecakes   EH  
[90] Gingercakes Escot [?] The word "Escot" is written and underlined at the end of this recipe. EH  
[90] Goosberry drops or cakes Mrs. G Gossman EH  
[91] How to dress a leg of Pork Ellen The handwriting changes. EH  
[92] Stone Cream   EH  
[93] Excellent White Soup   The handwriting changes back to the writing used before "How to dress a leg of Pork". EH  
[94] Spanish Buns   EH  
[94] Cold Pudding   EH  
[95] For a Pillau Mrs. Davis    Portland Place EH  
[96] To Make a good Curry Mrs. Davis     EH  
[96] To make a Fondue Mrs. Davis     EH  
[97] To clean marble   EH  
[97] Orange Brandy   EH  
[97] A very light Rice Cake   EH  
[98] Carrot Soup Miss Abraham EH  
[98] Rice a la Francaise   The handwriting changes halfway through this recipe. EH  
[98] Lemon pickle   EH  
[99] Pickled Walnuts   EH  
[100] To wash Silk Stockings   EH  
[100] Giblet Soup Mrs Edwards EH  
[101] Orange cream   EH  
[101] To wash white Satin   There is some Greek from the Greek textbook on the bottom of this page. EH  
[102] Bayonaisse   The full name of this recipe is: Bayonaisse a supper or cold collation dish at Gibraltar. EH  
[102] Vinegar   The handwriting and ink color changes here. EH  
[103] Charlotte Plombiére glaçée E.C. EH  
[103] Spiced Beef E.C. EH  
[104] To make Biscuits Mrs. Buller Handwriting and ink changes again in this recipe. EH  
[105] Risoles Lady Louis EH  
[106] To pickle one large ham Lady Louis from Honble Mrs. Lumley EH  
[106] Receipt for Seed Pudding Lady Louis EH  
[107] Receipt for Arrow Root Pudding Lady Louis EH  
[107] German Pudding & Sauce Lady Louis EH  
[108] Curry Powder Mrs. Matthew Kane EH  
[108] Lotion for the hair   EH  
[109] Lemon Dumplings   EH  
[109] Hashed Mutton Mrs. Spessigue EH  
[110] For pain or Rheumatism in the teeth Lady Rothes EH  
[111] Swinton Pork Pies Lady Fraser EH  
[114] Apple Cake   This recipe is cut from a newspaper and is pinned to the page. EH   
[114] [Fowl Recipe]   This recipe is written on a piece of paper which is folded and pinned to the page. It has no title. EH  
[116] Apple Mould   This recipe is written on a piece of paper and pinned to the page. "Brazilian Stew" is pinned on top of it. I am not sure if the second word here is "mould".  EH  
[116] Brazilian Stew   This is written on a piece of paper and pinned to the page. EH