Required Texts and How to Acquire Them

        For this course, you will be reading a combination of scholarly articles, chapters from a textbook, and sources you will find online or in the English 221 public folder.  Pay careful attention to the syllabus instructions so that you aren't looking for the reading in the wrong place!  The one indispensable text is Tyson.  Make sure you have reliable access to a copy.  You also will need repeated access to the Hemingway short story collection, and Tyson illustrates each chapter on critical theory by demonstrating it on Gatsby.  In the unlikely event that you have not yet read this Fitzgerald novel, do so before the semester begins so that you can follow her.  This will really help you when it's your turn to apply the theory.

Required Texts:

Tyson, Lois.  Critical Theory Today: A User-Friendly Guide.  2nd Ed.  N.Y.: Garland, 2006.  ISBN  0-415-97410-0  (You may find used copies of the 1999 first edition [ISBN 0815328796] but the second edition differs in enough ways to make purchase of the 2nd worthwhile.)

        [Available new at the college bookstore for about $30, or used, via online used bookstores, for as little as $19--see]

Fitzgerald, F. Scott.  The Great Gatsby.  N.Y.: Scribner, 1925.

        [Available in the Scribner edition for between $12 and $10, new or used--probably not worth buying online.  Also see]

Hemingway, Ernest.  In Our Time.  N.Y.: Scribner, 1925.

        [Available in the Scribner edition for between $2 and $12 used and new--probably not worth buying online.]

        All other texts are available either online by clicking on a hyperlink on the Syllabus, or on the Public Folder for English 221.  See me immediately if you don't know how to use Public Folders as an extension of your Outlook email.]