They fle from me that sometyme did me seke
        With naked fote stalking in my chambre.
        I have sene theim gentill, tame, and meke
        That nowe are wyld and do not remembre
5     That sometyme they put theimself in daunger
        To take bred at my hand; and nowe they raunge
        Besely seking with a continuell chaunge.

        Thancked be fortune it hath ben othrewise
        Twenty tymes better, but ons in speciall,
10     In thyn arraye after a pleasaunt gyse,
        When her lose gowne from her shoulders did fall,
        And she me caught in her armes long and small,
        Therewithall swetely did me kysse,
        And softely said "dere hert, howe like you this?"

15     It was no dreme: I lay brode waking.
        But all is torned thorough my gentilnes
        Into a straunge fasshion of forsaking;
        And I have leve to goo of her goodeness,
        And she also to vse new fangilnes.
20     But syns that I so kyndely ame served,
        I would fain knowe what she hath deserved.