What Makes a Cultural Production a Good Topic for a Barthesian Cultural Criticism?

From: Sanders, Arnie
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 7:00 AM
To: Student, Preparing
Subject: RE: Cultural Criticism Paper Ideas
Hi Preparing,
Some of these might work.  Comments below.  You're the first person to respond to the suggestion.  Mind if I use this in class if we have time?  I can "anonymize" it if you wish.

From: Student, Preparing
Sent: Wed 4/26/2006 10:35 PM
To: Sanders, Arnie
Subject: Cultural Criticism Paper Ideas
Dear Professor: You suggested on your web site that we contact you regarding our ideas for this week's paper, so I thought I would give you the list of ideas I already have.

Ingrid Abeleda violin concert at Haebler Chapel
- I have attended many concerts in general.
-I don't know that much about the violin.

 Starbucks at Towson Town Center
- I have spent many Sunday mornings in a Starbucks or a similiar coffee shop.
- I have mixed emotions about the chain, but I believe I could put them aside as I did with Hemingway.

Ads in People Magazine or a woman's magazine like Martha Stewart Living
- I hardly ever read People, but I understand ads.
- I know Martha Stewart and her genre quite well. Again, I would have to put aside bias.
- I could analyze the recipes photos as Barthes did to see how food stylists arrange the products to entice consumers. 

Ambassador Tour of Goucher
- I went on one as a provisional, only I was alone with my tour guide.
- I might have to get permission to follow along.

I look forward to your feedback. Sincerely, Preparing