Writing Center Tutors Who Have Taken or Are Taking English 215 with Me

        Although any competent Writing Center tutor should be able to help you brainstorm, develop, organize, and edit a "Working with" paper for English 215, those who have taken the course with me have an additional level of familiarity with the content that may speed your conference's progress.  Those tutors who are currently in our section of  215 also have some advantages in content knowledge, and they also will become well known to you in our conversations.  That can help you both on the personal side of the conference.  Effective tutoring happens better when there is some kind of functioning personal relationship between writer and tutor.

        The following current tutors have taken English 215 with me:

(currently in this section of 215) Rachel Cooke, Sierra Troy-Regier

(currently tutoring and previously in 215 with me) Lisa Charron

        Click here for an online, real-time Writing Center schedule.  The center probably will open by Sunday, January 31.  They will be of no use to you when writing your ungraded reading protocol, so do not worry about it until the first major assignment, "Working with Psychoanalytic Criticism."