Collaborative Independent Research Project Group Conferences, 11/10/14

All conferences will start in VM 141, but we will move to a larger space if the group requires it.


12:00-1:00___Olivia Dickert (105)_______________

[English 105.004  1:30-2:45]


3:30-4:30  David, Tori, Julia and Emma: Gender and writing, differences in women's writing by age, in-/experience; how males and females respond to women's writing (possibly using anonymous Writing Placement Essays); parallel testing of samples using the "Gender Guesser" algorithm.

4:30-5:30  Ashley and Emily Hewlings: High-school writing instruction and writers' voice, creative writing instruction (and voice); psychological aspects of writing instruction and creative writing [see Zach, Jenna and Dana, too].

5:30-6:30  Maxine, Kayla and Megan: Meyers-Briggs type index testing and composition issues (various); co-reliability of online vs. CDO administered M-B test results; correlation of M-B types with propensity for Writing Center use/non-use, majoring in Creative Writing (other creative arts?) or natural sciences.

Tuesday, 11/11/14--

2:00-3:00  Olivia Dickert (105 IRP)

3:00-4:00 Zach, Jenna, and Dana: social constructs in writing settings and composition processes; audiences and power in composition; "how changing the writer's 'outside' could improve the writer's fluency" specifically in undergraduate academic writing (kind of maybe "professor/student power dynamics" as a factor in writers' fluency/blockage; "what you wind up handing in vs. what you wanted to hand in"); Emily Clarin [?] parallel interest in psychological affect and writer's fluency/blockage.