Curriculum Vitae

Arnold A. Sanders

            3794 Church Road                                                                                         Goucher College

            Ellicott City, MD 21043                                                                                  Baltimore, MD 21024

            (410) 461-6272                                                                                                 (410) 337-6515

Current Post Associate Professor of English, Goucher College

Education 1986: Ph.D. English Literature, Brown University

1980: M.A., University of New Hampshire

1970: B.A., With Honors, Lehigh University

Dissertation "Hyd Wythyn the Bodye": The Narrative Logic of Sir Thomas Malory (Director: Elizabeth Kirk. Readers: Robert Scholes, Michel-Andre Bossy.)

Publications and Lectures

"The King Who Will Win the Holy Cross": Malory, Caxton, and Political Prophecy in the Morte Darthur.  37th International Congress of Medieval Studies, May 2002.

William Caxton's Marketing Strategies: How Printshop Economics and Niche Marketing Shaped Early English Book Production. 35th International Congress of Medieval Studies. May 2000.

Listening to Malory: Inventing the Early Modern Reader with William Caxton. 34th International Congress of Medieval Studies. May, 1999.

"'nevyr shal I se you agayne hole togydirs': Anxious 'Departyng' in Malory." 33rd International Congress of Medieval Studies. May, 1998.

"Sanders' Law of Media Memory Decay: Why I Don't Use Video or Movies to Teach Classical Greek and Latin Literature." Panel Presentation, "Teaching Classics with Film," University of Maryland-College Park , March, 1997.

"jantyllmannys servyse" and Fifteenth-Century Courtly Violence in Sir Thomas Malory's "Gareth." 31st International Congress of Medieval Studies. May, 1996.

"Hypertext, Learning, and Memory: Some Implications from Manuscript Tradition," in Text 8 (1996) 125-45

Blake v. Stoddard: The Goucher "Speght 1598 Chaucer""'s Role in a Famous Artistic Quarrel. Friends of Julia Rogers Library, January 1993.

"Ruddymane and Canace Lost and Found: Spenser's Adaptation of Gower's "Confessio Amantis" (III) and Chaucer's "Squire's Tale," in The Work of Dissimilitude: Essays from the Sixth Citadel Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Newark, Del.: U Delaware P, December 1991

"Chaucer the Exile: Speght's Illustration of the Author and His 'Friends' in the 1598 Edition," NEMLA Convention, Chaucer Session, 1991

"Making Book on Malory: 'the hoole book' and Foucault's Authoring Function," MLA Convention 1989

"Lancelot in Providence: Malory's Juridical Inquiry," NEMLA Convention, Old and Middle English Section, 1988

"The Structure of the Winchester Malory (B.M. 54,678), a 15th Century Arthurian Compilation," Medieval Manuscript Group, 1988

"Malory's Transition Formulae: Fate, Volition, and Narrative Structure," Arthurian Interpretations, Fall 1987

"Showing Loyalty / Claiming Protection: Medieval Ceremonial Gesture," NEATE Conference, 1987

A Pre-Raphaelite Friendship: The Correspondence of William Holman Hunt and John Lucas Tupper, edited and annotated with James Coombs, George Landow, & Anne Scott. Ann Arbor, Mich.: UMI Research Press, 1986

"Generic Action in Malory's Alterations of the 'Suite du Merlin,'" MLA Convention, 1985

In Progress
King Author: Sir Thomas Malory's Struggle to Construct His "Arthurity" in the Morte Darthur

The Man in the Middle: the Early-Modern Pressman as the Measure of All Texts.

Honors/Awards 1999: Summer Research Grant, Goucher College

1989: Elizabeth Nitzche Research Grant, Goucher College

1982-86: Teaching Assistantship, Brown University.

1982: Graduate Council Special Research Stipend, Brown University

1981: University Fellowship, Brown University.

1979: Alumni Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Hampshire.

Administrative Responsibility

Writing Program Director, Grievance Committee.

Member: Modern Language Association, National Council of Teachers of English, International Courtly Literature Society, Renaissance Society of America, National Writing Centers Association.