Previous English 221 Seminars' Annotated Bibliographies

        If you are a current English 221 student, read these annotations to get in touch with your predecessors.  What were they interested in beyond the assigned readings for the course.  Can you track developing patterns of inquiry that lead in directions which also interest you?  Also, use them selectively as models for your own annotations, but I would advise you to start from the bottom of each file so that you are reading the authors' most mature work.  Every year, the earliest annotations often are somewhat incomplete until the authors learn, from dialogue with me, what I am hoping for in their accounts of their research.  For a head start, look at the web page, "What Makes a Bibliographic Annotation to Students in English 221?"  Also remember that I have no objection to your reading an article or book chapter which a previous student already has annotated if you have something new to say about it.  Feel free to refer to your own, your classmates', and your predecessors' thinking with some form of adequate bibliographic reference.  For example, "as X argued in her note on Murray's essay in the Fall 2003 bibliography" would get any reasonable reader to your reference, and adding the URL would be even more helpful.

        If you are a visitor, please remember that these annotations are student work by writers learning to be Writing Center tutors by studying theories of composing, tutoring and teaching.  They can be referred to, with caution, in other students' work, if your audience will accept non-peer-reviewed sources, but please remember they are the intellectual property of their authors and give them proper citation in your own work.

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 2005

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 2004

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 2003

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 2002

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 2001

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 2000

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 1996

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 1994

Annotated Bibliographies, Fall 1993

What Makes a Bibliographic Annotation Useful to Students in English 221?