Titles of Previous 221 Collaborative Research Projects 

   All project reports are available in my office at VM G57 periodical shelves to the left of the door.


Are You a Blocked Writer?  (1989—actually an independent study which grew out of the previous year’s 221 project in the year before I first taught 221)


Goucher’s Writing Center: An Evaluation.  (1992)


Writing About Writing: A Multi-Faceted Analysis of the Composing Process.  (1992)


Writing Tutors and the Goucher Community: A Cross-Class Study of Students’ Attitudes.  (1992)


Computer Networked Classroom Reexamined: Student Interaction, Student-Centered Discourse, Marginalized Students, and Equitable Access.  (1992)


Students vs. Professors: An Analysis of CIE and Freshman Writing.  (1992)


Collaboration and Computers: The New Writing Pedagogy and the Excuse.  (1992)


A Communications Link: Student/Professor Interaction Through Written Evaluation of Freshman CIE Papers. (1993)


Expression of Power: An Inquiry into Gender Differences in the Writing of Incoming Goucher Students.  (1993)


Assessing the Writing Across the Curriculum Program: Writing Assigned at Goucher.  (1994)


Gender Matters, Feminist Theory, and the Journal.  (1994)


Collaborative Learning and Personal Computers: A Combined Teaching Method for the Learning Disabled Student.  (1994)


The Goucher Writing Center: Perceptions, Expectations and Suggestions for Improvement.  (1994) 


“Sticks and Stones”: A Woman to Woman Discourse Toward a Gender Conscious Language.  (1996)


A Study of the Correlation Between Gender and Topic Choice in Autobiographical Essays (1996)


Popular Movies and Teaching English.  (1996)


The Goucher Community’s Views of the Writing Center: Misconceptions and Their Consequences.  (1996)


Philosophy and Poetry: The Gifts and Grievances of Women in the Disciplines.  (2000)


An Evaluation of Goucher College's Writing Center.  (2000)


Comparing the Creative and Academic Writing Processes of Students and Professionals.  (2000)


Comfort in Peer Tutoring Sessions.  (2000)


Collaboration at Work in Two Academic Divisions at Goucher College (2001)


The Trickle That Begins the Waterfall: Flowing Toward Freer Writing (2001)


Identifying Gender Characteristics in Writing Samples of English 221 Students (2001)


An Examination of Persona in Academic Writing (2001)


Deconstructing the Ivory Tower: Tracing the Rise of Formal Writing Instruction in the American Academy (2002)


Creating the Perfect Cross-Aged Tutoring After-School Program (2002)


Games vs. Grammar: The Advantages and Implications of Active Learning in English Education (2002)


The Music and Language Connection: Sound, Musicality and Structure in English Phonology, Syntax, Semantics and Poetics (2002)


Power to the Author: Writing and Emotional Empowerment in Academia (2002)


Second Language Instruction and Composition Theory: What Can Composition's "New Paradigm" Teach Modern Language Teachers? (2002)


Creative Reading and Creative Writing: Constant Change in College English (2003)


The Undying Phoenix of School Reform Debate (2003)


Four Voices on Personal Voice (2004)


AP Tests and Multiple Intelligence Theory: Their Value and Application in both High School and College (2005)


"Why Can't We All Just Get Along?": An Analysis of the Differences in Writing in the Sciences and Humanities at Goucher College (2005)


You Are a Student . . . or Are You?: An Examination of Postmodernism in the Classroom (2005)


Why it Hurts to Write: An Analysis of Pain in the Writing Process (2005)


The Orality of Literacy: An Examination of How the Oral Meets the Written (2009)


Spanish Tutoring: Why a Bilingual Writing Center?; Distance Learning and the Multilingual Writing Center (2009)


Writing In The Social Environment: A Study (2009)


The Zone: Getting Into A Writing State of Mind (2009)


frankenstein: a fugue  [a massively collaborative study of collaboration in academic and creative writing] (2009)