Toward vs. Towards

Toward, adjective and adverb (think "to-ward" as in "back-ward" or "for-ward")

1.  as an adjective (Lots of obsolete uses and...) c. In progress, going on; being done. d. ‘Getting on’, forward, advanced.

    2. In a direction toward oneself, or toward something aimed at. Obs. or arch. {dag}toward and froward (dial. fromward), to and fro.

Towards, preposition and adverb

 A. prep.

    1. Of motion, etc.: In the direction of, on the way to: = TOWARD prep. 1.


    2. Of position: In the direction of; on the side next to; directed to, facing: = TOWARD prep. 2.

3. In the direction of (fig.).    a. gen. = TOWARD prep. 3a.

 4. Of time or succession: = TOWARD prep. 4.

  5. ‘Getting on for’, verging upon, nearly as much as; tending to: = TOWARD prep. 5.