English 230 Final Paper Conferences

        These can be exploratory if you are still struggling to find a topic and a thesis.  They can also be very "writerly" if you have composed some prose and are willing to share it with me.  Please give me the chance to help you think about these readings.  Doing well on the final paper will give you things to say on the final exam, and that will help you twice.  Group conferences of two or three students are strongly encouraged.  Help each other; listen to each other; learn from and teach each other.  Don't work alone.  (Be more "Roman," and less "Greek" in your heroic quest for excellence.)

Thursday, 5/7

1130 ____________________________

12:00 _________________________________________

12:30 _____________________________

1:00 _________________

2:30 __________________________________________

3:00 __________________________________________

3:30 __________________________________________

4:00 _______________________________

4:30 ________________

Friday, 5/8

11:00 ______________________________